A Randomized Greedy Method for AI Applications Component Placement and Resource Selection in Computing
Conference paper


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) are pervasive today, with applications spanning from personal assistants to healthcare. Nowadays, the accelerated migration towards mobile computing and Internet of Things, where a huge amount of data is generated by widespread end devices, is determining the rise of the edge computing paradigm, where computing resources are distributed among devices with highly heterogeneous capacities. In this fragmented scenario, efficient component placement and resource allocation algorithms are crucial to orchestrate at best the computing continuum resources. In this paper, we propose a tool to effectively address the component placement problem for AI applications at design time. Through a randomized greedy algorithm, it identifies the placement of minimum cost providing performance guarantees across heterogeneous resources including edge devices, cloud GPU-based Virtual Machines and Function as a Service solutions.





IEEE International Conference on Joint Cloud Computing (JCC) 2021


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