The scientific publication "Network Function Decomposition and Offloading on Heterogeneous Networks With Programmable Data Planes" was supported by the work performed by the AI-SPRINT project and presented during the 16th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks 2020. The paper presents a framework for the automatic deployment of disaggregated and decomposed network functions.


Paper overview

  • Presents a framework that comprises an orchestrator capable of deploying the decomposed network functions on programmable network hardware and software switches running in containers.
  • Shows how the framework exploits an optimisation model for choosing the best decomposition according to the traffic demands, the network topology, and other constraints. 
  • Shows how the seamless deployment model and heuristic have negligible effects on the allocation time and accepted traffic requests while guaranteeing the rerouting of traffic when switches are put in maintenance mode.





Network function virtualization, software-defined networking, programmable networks


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