Webinar report: Computing Continuum and the role of AI as a complementary technology: European market forecast and insights


In collaboration with the EuCloudEdgeIoT initiative, AI-SPRINT conducted an online webinar on the 24 May 2023 to offer valuable insights to various participants in the Edge, Cloud, IoT, AI, and Data communities. These participants included research organizations, associations associated with computing continuum technologies, developers, domain experts, governments, policymakers, citizens, and civil society. The event aimed to enhance attendees’ understanding of the edge computing demand market and provide them with insights into spending, adoption levels, and primary use cases. Additionally, the webinar aimed to offer market trend insights that could influence investment plans for adopting Edge and AI technologies, with a specific focus on the healthcare, energy, and agriculture sectors, as well as related technologies like ML and federated learning.

By attending the event, participants gained a deeper understanding of the demand market for edge computing and acquired valuable insights regarding spending, investments, adoption levels, and key use cases. The event also provided valuable information on market trends that could potentially influence investment strategies for the adoption of edge and AI technologies, with a specific focus on the healthcare, energy, and agriculture sectors. Furthermore, it highlighted complementary technologies such as ML and federated learning.

The webinar specifically attracted the interest of business organizations, as it offered them the opportunity to stay informed about market trends that could impact their investment plans in adopting Edge and AI technologies. Additionally, researchers and developers were able to enhance their understanding of the market and align their products with the requirements of the market. Attendees greatly benefited from the interactive platform, actively engaging in discussions, sharing their opinions, and asking questions.

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