Nowadays, Cloud Computing technologies have gained more relevance and represent one of the main pillars of modern IT infrastructures.

The benefits offered by this solution help businesses to adopt a multi-hybrid cloud strategy to achieve optimised portfolios of cloud services. But, at the same time, it increases the complexity of the systems too. JointCloud refers to all the concepts linked to Hybrid-Cloud, Inter-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud Federation, Cross-Cloud and Cloud Service Broker (CSB).

In this context, the IEEE JCC 2021 offers a forum that provides an innovative space to exchange ideas, research results and lessons learned about JointCloud. This year the conference is co-located with IEEE SOSE 2021, IEEE BigDataService 2021, IEEE MobileCloud 2021, IEEE DAPPCON 2021 and IEEE AI TEST 2021 and takes place from 23 to 26 August online.


The topics covered by the conference are: 

  • Theories and Foundations of JointCloud
  • Architecture and Technologies of JointCloud
  • Management and Operation of Joint Cloud
  • Economics, Experiences and Practices of JointCloud
  • Software Defined JointCloud
  • Compliance, Security and Privacy
  • Fog, Edge, and Mobile Edge Computing


Federica Filippini, from Politecnico di Milano, presents the paper 'A Randomized Greedy Method for AI Applications Component Placement and Resource Selection in Computing Continua'. The research has been supported by the AI-Sprint project


More information is available on the official website!